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First Version Of Squish Play Service


This is the first version of the Squish Play audio player service, see the install and configure article for information on getting the service configured. For an overview of the project check out the Squish Play project overview article. I will post the Squish Remote project files and related articles over the next couple of days...

To download the setup file click on here. The ZIP file contains a windows setup program that will install the player service, and the service configuration program.

Limitations In This Version:

  1. Synchronize multiple players does not work.
  2. Cross fade is not supported. Fade in/out work.
  3. Repeated playback of short sound effects audio clips not supported. They will only play once.
  4. Native codecs limited to 16 bit WAV, AIFF and MP3, use Squeezebox server to decode all other formats to one of the listed PCM formats.
  5. No animation effects while navigating the menus on the Squish Remote display.
  6. No spectrum analyzer display on the Squish Remote display.
  7. Limited to connecting to the configured Squeeze Center/Squeezebox server.

I should be able to address most of these limitations in the next version of the Squish Play service...

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 14:20