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Second Version of Squish Remote


This is the second version of the Squish Remote source files. The Squish Remote works with the Squish Play service to display and allow for remote control of the Squish Play service. This update to the project addresses the issues with the IR support. A new NEC IR object was created to replace the original one developed by Bob Belleville. The new IR object is primarily written in PASM instead of spin. The main project file  "SquishRemote.spin" now contains constants to define all Propeller chip I/O pin numbers. The Squish Remote Project Files are packaged in a standard ZIP file format. Unzip the files to a new project folder. Two of the included source files, "FullSerialDuplex.spin" and "TV.spin" are slightly modified versions of the standard objects included with the Propeller tool set. The main project object file is "SquishRemote.spin". The current project is built on a Propeller prototype board with a small number of added parts.



Other then the connection pins for the video out which must use I/O pins in groups nearly any Propeller I/O pins can be used for the IR receiver and RS232. For more information about the prototype see the article First Squish Remote Prototype.

I have created a new hardware prototype using the USB Propeller prototype board. The downside to using USB for the RS232 is that the Squish Play service can not deal with the USB RS232 device being unplugged from the computer running the service. If you do unplug the USB serial device you will need to restart the Squish Play service (use the config program) to get the Squish Remote to work again.

 Squish Remote USB Prototype

USB based prototype, case is from www.sparkfun.com ($9.95 usd).


Last Updated on Friday, 29 June 2012 11:04