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Patch for Forth Relaese of MV4th16 (ver 0.93)


This patch corrects an error in the MV4th16 ver 0.93 core dictionary. The core dictionary back links where incorrectly set and caused a number of Forth words to not be included in the core dictionary.

The patch also corrects an error in the COGPINS.SPIN example file that prevented the Forth word "dira-clrpin" from working. This patch should only be applied to the "Forth Release of MV4th16 (ver 0.93)".

The patch can be downloaded from this link Patch MV4th16 ver 0.93.

To apply the patch for the core dictionary copy the file "MV4th16.spin" included in the downloaded ZIP file over the existing file. Next rebuild the project in the Parallax IDE and flash the project to your Propeller chip.

The example CogPins.spin file contained an error that prevented the "dira-clrpin" forth word from working. The downloaded ZIP file contains the folder "COG Pins" that should be copied over the existing folder, "Forth\COG Pins". The folder also contains an example "DS1620.forth" that uses the "COG Pins" example to control a DS1620 digital thermometer IC.

Last Updated on Saturday, 02 November 2013 08:48