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Early release of ForthTerm version 3.0 2019-01-28


This article contains links to download an early release of version 3.0 of the ForthTerm terminal program. ForthTerm version 3.0 should run on all newer version of windows (win7, win8, win8.1, win10). ForthTerm version 3.0 is available for both win32 and win64 based systems. Until there is a stable release I will update this article with the most recent versions.

New Features and bug fixes:

  1. Fixed high CPU utilization when the terminal is connected by TCP or serial port.
  2. Better data transfer speed when using a TCP connection.
  3. Improved Forth text to block parser.
  4. Added Terminal command codes to allow for text and background color control.

NOTE: The current setup program will overwrite your current settings with default settings. If you want to keep your old setting you must save a copy of the configuration file "C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\ForthTerm\Config\ForthTerm.config", where "my name" is your windows user name. You may also want to save any terminal key mapping files in the folder "C:\Users\my name\AppData\Roaming\ForthTerm\Key Maps\".

You should uninstall any old version of ForthTerm before installing the new version.

Click on this link for the current Windows 64 bit version: SetupForthTerm64

Click on this link for the current Windows 32 bit version: SetupForthTerm32

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 January 2019 07:14