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Mini80 Prototype Project Files (2013-03-23)


This article contains links to the project files for the Min80 project. The project source files and resource files are contained in a zip file and should be extracted to a work path (where you keep your other Propeller based IDE projects).

The main project files are contained in the zip file; First Mini80 Project . The zip file contains all the source files for both the spin project as well as the source file for CPM 2.2, and the SCS1 8080 monitor. If your hardware matches the Mini80 prototype you can use the pre-built files found in the "SD Card Files" folder.

To load the project follow these steps;

  1. Unzip the files in to a working folder.
  2. Connect your Mini80 hardware to the programing device (ie. "Prop Plug").
  3. Select the "CpmSystem.spin" file as the Top Object in the Parallax IDE.
  4. Build the project (^F8) and load the image to the Mini80 board eeprom.
  5. Format an SD card (64M min size for demo files) Fat16 or Fat32, the card must not contain any files or folders.
  6. Form the project "SD Card File" folder copy the "CPMDISK.CDP" file to the root folder of the SD card making sure there are no other files or folders on the SD card.
  7. Copy the remaining files form the project "SD Card File" folder to the root folder of the SD card.
  8. You may want to alter the "M80CONFG.TXT" file to change the hardware settings at start-up.

The Mini80 can load a monitor program instead of running CPM. The example monitor program included with the project files is one of the first 8080 CPU based monitor programs. The manual can be downloaded from this link, SCS1 operating manual. More information on the Mini80 project can be found in the Mini80 project section of the site.