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Sixth Release of MV4th16 version 0.94b (Newest)


This download is for MV4th16 version 0.94b, sixth release. This is a cleanup build of the changes added in the version 0.94 build. I have included an update to the spinneret W5100 sample project found in the "Prebuilt" folder. The monochrome two pin TV  driver can now be used to display up to 80 columns and 28 rows using an 80Mhz system clock.

A number of bugs fixes and enhancements to the example source and base I/O code are included in this update. 

The update can be found here; Update for MV4th16 version 0.94b The download is a zip file that contains all the source files to build MV4th16 using the Parallax Propeller Chip IDE. The project was built using version 1.32 of the Parallax Spin IDE. The article Configure MV4th16 ver 0.94 and Higher contains information on how to configure and load MV4th16 on the target system.

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 December 2018 09:45