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Sixth Release of ForthTerm ver. 2.3 (Newest)


This article contains links and information about the ForthTerm terminal program version 2.3. This is the sixth release of the ForthTerm program. This version uses a new block transfer protocol that greatly increases MV4th16 block uploads and downloads. This version contains a number of bug fixes and feature updates.

The sixth version of ForthTerm (version 2.3) can be downloaded from this link; ForthTerm ver 2.3 download.

The block transfer software has been changed and requires that the Forth code used by the target MV4th16 system be updated. The Forth code used by the target system will be installed in the ForthTerm config file folder (normally "C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\ForthTerm\Config" folder, "xxxxx" is the logged on user name). The two text files  "SaveBlock.txt" and "UploadBlock.txt" contain the target side download and upload Forth code. If you have saved the transfer code to a target system block device you will need to update the target system with the new code. If your target system auto-loads the transfer Forth code you will have to disable auto-loading of block 1 before uploading the new transfer software.

If your target system does not auto-load the Forth transfer software no changes are required to the target system. The new Forth transfer code will automatically be uploaded to the target system when you invoke the block transfer functionality in ForthTerm.

NOTE: the new "UploadBlock.txt" Forth code only requires 1 block where the old Forth code required 2 blocks. If you auto-load the transfer code from your block device you will need to change the auto-load Forth code to use a Forth "LOAD" and not a "THRU" to load the code.

The download is a ZIP file that contains a Windows setup program. Extract the setup file to a temporary work folder then run the extracted setup program.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 August 2014 10:57