First Squish Remote Prototype

Sunday, 13 September 2009 12:24 Shael

Finished the first prototype of the Squish Remote project. The project was simple to build requiring only a handful of parts. The Squish Remote prototype will allow the testing and development of the Squish Play software. The project is in its early stages and there is still a lot to do. But as the photos show it is finally working. I hope to have a complete download package available in a week or two.

 The Squish Remote prototype is based on the Propeller prototype board from Parallax. The only hardware added is a 38Khz IR receiver module and an RS232 driver chip. For the prototype I used screw terminals to allow for a simple build. The prototype board has both a 5v and 3.3v regulators. I used the 5v supply to power the IR receiver module. The final design will only require a single 3.3v regulator as Digikey sells 3.3v IR receiver modules 

Squish Remote Prototypesquish-remote-proto2

First Version Of Squish RemoteThe Squish Remote hardware provides two main functions; decode and relay IR remote codes to the Squish Play software, and receive bitmap images sent by the Squish Play software and display them on a standard TV. The Logitech Squeezebox hardware uses a 320x32 LCD for its display. This display format was simple to replicate using the Propeller chip.

Squish Remote On TVSquish Remote Display Zone 2

Squish Remote displayed on TV in my rec-room and the TV in the kitchen.

Had a hard time getting a good photo of TV display, need more practice with camera it appears.

More later....


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