Forth Release of MV4th16 (ver 0.93)

Sunday, 06 January 2013 14:02 Shael
This download is for MV4th16 version 0.93 (forth) release. This release supports the fast find feature.. This release also supports the new forth word COG-EX to make it simpler to integrate forth words supported by another COG.
A number of bugs fixes and enhancements to the example source and base I/O code are included in this update. There is a Wiznet W5200 driver included with the examples. The W5100 driver was also updated to fix a floating CS line on spinnet boards. The example NTSC and VGA code examples were updated to reflect the changes to the base Forth words "ROLL" and "PICK" which were changed to use a 0 based index instead of a one based index. as of version 0.92. The base Forth dictionary was also updated to reflect the changes in the words "ROLL" and "PICK".
The update can be found here; Update for MV4th16 The download is a zip file that contains all the source files to build MV4th16 using the Parallax IDE. The project was built using version 1.30 of the Parallax Spin IDE. To build the MV4th16 project;
1) Create a folder under your IDE projects or examples folder.
2) Unzip the contents of the download zip file into the new folder.
3) In the Spin IDE select the new folder in the tree view and select the file MV4thDemo.spin as the Top Object.
4) Build the project then download to your propeller development board (press control F8).
5) Connect a serial terminal and configure it to use the same com port as your Prop Plug.
6) Set the baud rate to 115200, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.
7) Reset the propeller chip, after a few seconds the MV4th sign-on message should appear.
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